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About Us

 Welcome to Habab Store

Habab Store based in Dubai has been established in 2019. It is professional company of modern technology managed by group of experts in Electronic Commerce, We targeted the United Arab Emirates as the first important trading center in the region. It has geographic and strategic benefits respectively well as being critical point in the midway between the East and West. Leadership of the United Arab Emirates established it as economic center and supplied it with world class of technology developed manner suitable to business and to provide viable ecosystem to meet trading needs at present and future. Habab Store came as direct response to the needs of the Electronic Commerce. We provide our services to our customers who can do this. The customer support team of our establishment has broad knowledge and experience in the field of E-Commerce. By this we guarantee smooth and reliable services to our customers in this respect. We are committed to bringing the community of Habab Store online, and to build strong and permanent partnerships and to continue in development and improvement of our services. If you always wish to make benefit from the trading services and didn’t have the opportunity, Habab Store is the solution for you. Don’t hesitate in contacting us.

Our vision
To be leading in the society and investors with its outstanding capacities in providing the best services in the field of Electronic Commerce and to have Habab Store as the favorite Trading between Consumer and Product.

Our values
We work hard and to reach goals with our successful employees support of each other and objective consideration of the conditions. We deal in single team spirit.
We believe in work as one team and shall make success together depending on effective communication and on our personal capacities. We estimate the suggestions of personnel and make difference of points of view means of learning and progress.

To achieve high quality services in the field of Electronic Commerce business.

We shall communicate our attention of our services to the investors, customers, employees, countries, communities in which we work to guarantee the best results. We expect that all colleagues assume liability for their works and decisions and for performance of their job duties. We are committed to execution of our works safety. Our decisions and works are within the framework of ethical values and requirements with credibility and transparency in all our works.

We always aspire to meet the needs of our customers in all conditions, we believe that the professional attitudes and behaviors created superior value for all our partners. We aim at achieving our vision to be leaders in this field and to set the standards of every line of our works. We are ready to encounter the challenges and to develop our capacities to create further values to customers.

We always aspire to achieve the highest possible standards in our works from day to day in the quality of services that we provide. We aim at exceeding the standards of quality. We are committed to provide the best for all those interested in success of our partnership. We establish the highest standards of performance and work on application of them. We listen to the desires of all those with whom we deal from inside and outside and respond to them. Care, Mutual respect, confidence and credibility are important factors to enhance the team work and achieve success and continuous work with serve which are our priorities.

Exceeding the expectations
As specialized in Electronic Commerce for management of the supply chain, we always focus on support of the marketing and customers goals with providing a fully experience in E-Commerce.

Focus on Permanent Business Relations
Habab Store is committed to distinction with customer service which made us one of the most respectable trading service management in the Region and created customers for us.