After a hot summer and endless days at the beach, I must admit that my hair is looking quite damaged and lifeless. Which brought me to thinking about a kind of lifestyle I could follow, convenient for both warm and cold seasons. And here’s what I came up with:

Give my hair a trim every 2 months. This will keep both the locks and the ends healthy.
Use the right brush, one with fine bristles ideal for my short hair. However, if your hair is long, steer clear from brushes with fine bristles as they will pull out individual hair strands and stick to using a wide-tooth comb.
Keep my hair hydrated and try not to use heat to style it. In fact, there are plenty of products out there that could enhance the beauty of my natural hair without any electric styling tools. And when necessary, treat my hair with a mask after exposing it to heat.
Avoid drying my hair with a cotton towel. This significantly decreased frizz in my hair. Therefore, I started using an old t-shirt instead and realized that it soaks off the moisture without scrubbing the hair. This worked like magic!
Choosing the right products for my hair. Now that I know my hair texture and needs, it’s very important to pick the products that help it stay healthy.
My hair should not be washed everyday unless necessary! This really helped me keep it healthy and shiny, in addition to making sure to focus more on the scalp when shampooing and less on the ends.
Conditioning my hair after shampoo proved to be a great way to help it stay hydrated and shiny, as well as focusing on the ends more than the scalp while applying it.
Let my hair air dry when possible. Believe me, you will soon realize how better it looks when you don’t blow dry it!
I personally don’t dye my hair, but a tip for those who do, choose a shade within three that are the closest to your natural hair color. This strategy will cause less damage to your hair as you’re not obliged to bleach it AND will give you a wonderfully natural kind of makeover!

Article Written by Habab Mirgani